2020 Winter Trimester

For winter sessions, when the temperatures are below 50 degrees, we use the indoor hitting bay to conduct the training.


Early Starters Program

1pm - 8pm

The Preserve at Jordan Lake

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Early Starters Program

Each student enrolled in the Early Starter Program will have their weekly day and time scheduled for consistency.  This scheduling process will be personally conducted with Coach André .

1pm - 8pm

The Preserve at Jordan Lake


Additional Information

The Preserve at Jordan Lake is the venue for this Early Starter Program

 (Ages 4-7) 3 Month Semester is the initial commitment.

$480.00 tuition includes

  • 9 private sessions with Top 50 Coach and PGA Master Professional, Andre Panet-Raymond
  • 12 weeks semester  (averages to 3 lessons monthly)
  • sessions are 30 minutes in length

Skills To Be Developed:

These junior golfers will train be able to::

  • Hit their irons off the ground over 12 yards in the air.
  • Sink 3 out of 5 putts from 1 feet
  • 2 putt 3 out of 5 times from 5 feet
  • Understand basic chipping set up
  • Chip within 3 feet from 10 feet
  • Hold their balanced finish position for 5 seconds.
  • Score 4 shots or better from 25 yards.

As the youngsters pass the various areas of testing (Putting, Chipping, Full Swing, Knowledge, and Scoring), they will be preparing for group classes and matches played from 25 yards. 

This class is only offered in private sessions.  

At these ages, the youngsters are more into what they are doing, shiny objects, and not directions of what to do or how to do it.  Modeling is a big part of the learning process for these youngsters.  Hence, safety becomes an issue with these youngsters swinging metal clubs in a group format, as they need constant focus and attention.  In our experience, your child will receive the safest environment and the necessary undivided attention to enjoy the golfing experience, learn, and desire to return.


These classes are not scheduled online. 

Please call 941-350-2999 to inquire about scheduling options.

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to teaching your children the game through fun, developmental games!

André Panet-Raymond, PGA
Director of Instruction
Triangle Golf Academy


Menu / Price List

Early Starter programs for Chapel Ridge are only availabe on Wednesdays